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After Service and Quality Assurance

1. If have quality problem within 24 hours after receiving the products. We promise resend products within 7 days for free(Because there is no storage regulations or improper use and force majeure and other reasons caused by the loss does not bear any responsibility).

2. Application instruction: We will make a good using plan based on customers’ final products and quality requirements. Such as one customer who wants to make plastic bags using our masterbatch. Considering customers requirements for bags kind, usage, thickness, and local markets bags using, we will suggest customer best additive amount, make the bags have good quality , also max reduce the material cost.

3. We have many customers all over the world. And our masterbatch can be used for all kinds of plastic products. So we have much customer using experience for using our masterbatch to make all kinds final products. I can give you a help to your workers how to use the equipment when using our masterbatch, also we can provide the words and video instruction to help workers do production more professionally.

4. After placing order, we will arrange the special workers to track the order for you. Make sure the customer can get the newest order execution status.