Addictive Hdpe Carbon Black Masterbatch

Addictive Hdpe Carbon Black Masterbatch

addictive hdpe carbon black masterbatch is a masterbatch used for coloring black plastic products.

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Product Details

This product is  specially designed for all kinds of high-pressure blown film and tube  black masterbatch. It is made of high hiding power carbon black and  pigment carbon black, and has good fluidity. It is very effective in  high pressure blown film and pipe application. .tive hdpe carbon black masterbatch

Advantages: High black, high brightness, easy to disperse, can achieve high-gloss mirror effect. Environmentally  friendly, non-toxic, odorless, smokeless, the product surface is smooth  and shiny, solid color is stable, good toughness, no color spots and  color lines, etc., which not only reduces costs, saves additives, but  also reduces plant site pollution.
Black masterbatch storage: Store in a cool dry place. Avoid exposure to the sun, rain.
Remarks:  The above data is not used as a specific technical specification, and  its basic experimental data is only used as a reference for the  performance of this product.


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