Additive Filler Masterbatch

Contens: BaSO4,NaSO4,CaCO3,Talc Carrier: Pe Dosage:5%-40%

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Additive filler masterbatch


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Xinyang New Materials Company is a leading supplier of masterbatch, we provide a wide range of masterbatch made of highly durable polymer additives. Our products include black masterbatch, white masterbatch, filler masterbatch and desiccant masterbatch.

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Additive filler masterbatch


Additive filler masterbatch includes BaSO4 filler masterbatch, NaSO4 filler masterbatch, CaCO3 filler masterbatch,talc filler masterbatch, etc.

Additive filler masterbatch本.jpgAdditive filler masterbatch.jpgAdditive filler masterbatch



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