Additive Materbatch

Additive Materbatch

Additive materbatch carrier: PE ; Application: films; Melting:105℃ ; Temperature resistance: 300℃; Dosage:1%-10%; Carbon black content: 10%-50%

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The  content of carbon black in black masterbatch used in injection molding or  blown film, sheet, sheet, extrusion, etc. should not be too high, but  the blackness of the products and sufficient hiding effect should be  ensured. The content is recommended to be about 40%, not more than 50%! The content of masterbatch carbon black used in the dyeing and  granulation direction can be selected to be about 50% or more.


1, Choose the most appropriate, not necessarily the more expensive the  better, such as some masterbatch is very dark on the ABS, but not  necessarily black on the PP.

2. The most important property of black masterbatch is dispersibility. I prefer  to choose a good masterbatch to add one more copy. I also should not  choose the so-called high blackness and lack of dispersion, especially  blown film, unless you are used for granulation.

3. Compatibility with raw materials. Color masterbatch of different  primers is used in incompatible plastics, which will lead to layered  peeling of the products.

4, Adding the right amount, the amount of less uneven dyeing, the  amount of more impact on physical properties may also increase the cost.

5. Stir with the raw materials, it is best to choose the color  masterbatch with the size of the raw material particles, otherwise there  will be some of them, some are still the primary colors.

6, The processing temperature is not high or low, otherwise it may lead to poor colorization of the masterbatch. Affects the surface smoothness of the product and the shrinkage ratio of the product.


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