Black Masterbatch

  • Polypropylene Filler Masterbatch

    Polypropylene Filler Masterbatch

    additive masterbatches is made of PE or PP or HDPE as carrier, mixed with high quality light calcium carbonate powder and various plastic additives.Read More

  • Masterbatch Price

    Masterbatch Price

    wanna to know masterbatch price, welcome visit our website: http://www.xy-masterbatch.comRead More

  • PP Master-Batch With Black Color For Wire Drawing

    PP Master-Batch With Black Color For Wire Drawing

    Carbon black masterbatch: Certificate :ROHS,SGS,COA . Production :Inventory more 3000Tons . Volume of addition :Add ratio:2%~4% . Performance :Excellent dispersion and good heat resistance. Raw material :Black masterbatch. Application: 1. Shopping bag: EW6018BJ AND EW6018J...Read More

  • Pp/pe Plastic Carbon Black Masterbatch

    Pp/pe Plastic Carbon Black Masterbatch

    Product information: The composition of black masterbatch: Domestic (Imported) Carbon Black (Black pigment) + Synthetic Resin (Virgin or Recycled PE/LDPE/LLDPE/PP/PVC/EVA/PA/PS/PET/PBT/ABS) + Dispersant (PE Wax ) + Various additives (coupling agents). Carbon black contents...Read More

  • Polymer Plastic Masterbatch

    Polymer Plastic Masterbatch

    According to the function, there are flame retardant masterbatch, filler masterbatch, desiccant masterbatch, etc.Read More

  • Trash Bags Black Masterbatch

    Trash Bags Black Masterbatch

    Black masterbatch is divided into a few types,advanced black masterbatch, ordinary black masterbatch, advanced blown film black masterbatch, ordinary blown film black masterbatch, spinning black masterbatch, low-grade black masterbatch, special black masterbatch, general...Read More

  • Plastic Raw Materials Masterbatch

    Plastic Raw Materials Masterbatch

    General Description This product contains: Carbon black pigment, polyolefin, filler and some additives. It’s suitable for blow film, extrusion blow, injection molding, and some other methods. It will bring for the end product more blackness and more glossy, smooth’s surface....Read More

  • Polymer Masterbatch

    Polymer Masterbatch

    Polyethylene Hdpe Masterbatch is a masterbatch used for coloring black plastics.Read More

  • black masterbatch

    black masterbatch

    polyethylene hdpe masterbatch is a masterbatch used for coloring black plasticsRead More

  • Additive Masterbatches

    Additive Masterbatches

    additive masterbatches:Carrier: PE; Melting:105℃;Temperature resistance:300℃Read More

  • Recycle Pe Filler Masterbatch

    Recycle Pe Filler Masterbatch

    The black masterbatch has good compatibility with plastic products, so the black masterbatch can stay in the product for a long time and exert its proper performance. However, if the black masterbatch exceeds its compatibility range, it will have a negative impact on the...Read More

  • Plastic Additive Masterbatch

    Plastic Additive Masterbatch

    plastic additive masterbatch,the most commently used is black masterbatch.Read More

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