Plastic Masterbatch Pellets

Plastic Masterbatch Pellets

A plastic master batch is a concentrate made by placing a plastic additive in an excessive amount in a resin; in the manufacture of a plastic product, it is not necessary to add such a plastic additive, and it is only necessary to add such a percentage to the plastic master batch.

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Plastic masterbatch pellets

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A plastic master batch is a concentrate made by placing a plastic additive in an excessive amount in a resin; in the manufacture of a plastic product, it is not necessary to add such a plastic additive, and it is only necessary to add such a percentage to the plastic master batch. With a constant amount of masterbatch is OK. Therefore, the plastic masterbatch is a new type of polymer material processing material. Variety of types, such as filling masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, wear-resistant masterbatch, multi-functional masterbatch.

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Plastic masterbatch pellets

In the past, in order to facilitate the uniform dispersion of small-dosage materials used in production, some stabilizers, fillers, and solid toners (such as about 0.5 μm in size) that were liable to agglomerate were previously used in blenders and three-bar mills. The small-dose materials, such as particles, are often mixed together to make a viscous slurry or a powdered masterbatch and then cast into a plastic mixture. Plastic masterbatch therefore refers to a premixed plastic compound mixture containing a high percentage of various low-dose additives and colorants. When mastication is formulated, the appropriate masterbatch is combined with the polymer (or a mixture of polymer and other auxiliaries) so that the final final concentration of the various auxiliaries and a uniform fraction of the plastic processing feedstock can be achieved.

Plastic masterbatch pellets

With the development of the plastics industry and the advancement of technology, the definition and connotation of masterbatch in plastics processing have been expanded and deepened, not limited to the use of masterbatches for small-dose raw materials such as pigments, or fillers with a very large amount of additions. Such as calcium plastic products also use the filling masterbatch technology. There are more and more varieties of master batches, and applications are becoming wider and wider. This is because the use of masterbatch simplifies the process of complex ingredients; the metering of the masterbatch is convenient; the dust emission is reduced; the masterbatch structure is ideal, which not only improves the processing of commercial products, but also facilitates the full dispersion of the components and prevents raw materials. Condensation thus improves the quality of products, improves labor conditions, and lowers costs, thus gaining popularity among plastics processing plants and promoting their smooth application. Plastic masterbatch has become one of the most important forms of plastic additives used in the world today.

Plastic masterbatch pellets

1 A wide variety of plastic masterbatches and different ingredients have become patented technologies and varieties: In summary, the masterbatch has become a class of special materials, also known as special preparations, usually consisting of a specific material, carrier resin and various additives. The essential elements such as additives are aggregates obtained by uniformly placing an excessive amount of a specific raw material in a resin, and are high-concentration specific raw material concentrates that are conveniently used in the form of pellets. Therefore, the use of additives in the variety, ratio, mixing processing methods, and the use of methods, with the polymer ratio, processing methods have become a direct impact on plastic processing methods, product performance, application of the most important factor, and plastic masterbatch, the technologies such as composition, composition, and manufacturing have become the subject of research. Each of the products has also become a patented product of a large company.
2 The types of plastic masterbatch include: (1). Filled masterbatch; (2). Masterbatch; (3). Flame retardant masterbatch; (4). Polyolefin stabilization masterbatch; (5). Functional masterbatch; (6). Other special masterbatch. Subdivided dozens of plastic masterbatch. Moreover, with the expansion of plastic varieties and applications, the requirements for plastic processing products will be refined, and the variety and quantity of plastic masterbatches will increase.
3 China is a world leader in the production of plastics. The annual output of various plastic products has exceeded 21 million tons. Ultrafine mineral fillers are used in more than 2.1 million tons per year in various plastic products. China is still a big country in agriculture. The annual use of plastic sheds is also more than 1.4 million tons (the annual demand for plastic film is more than 600,000 tons, and the annual use of agricultural plastic products is more than 3 million tons.

Plastic masterbatch pellets application

The annual output of plastic packaging materials in China is more than 3.6 million tons, and the annual output of daily-use plastic products is about 3.2 million tons or more. Other products include one-time medical supplies, plastics for artificial organs, plastic materials for repair and embedding, and culture plastics. Products, entertainment plastic products. The amount of plastics used in China's architectural plastic products and industrial equipment (automobiles, communications, computers, home appliances, wires and cables) is even more alarming.
The processing and manufacturing of these plastic products can not be separated from the production of plastic masterbatch, so the development and production of plastic masterbatch is a large-scale, multi-species development prospect industry within the scope of our country and the world.


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