Polyethylene Black Masterbatch

Polyethylene Black Masterbatch

polyethylene black masterbatch is a masterbatch for coloring black masterbatch

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There are numerous products on the market with high concentration of black master batch. Some unscrupulous merchants even classify 20% or so of black carbon content or even black master batch of 3-5 yuan per kilogram as high concentration black. The master batch is really unprofessional, has misunderstood and confuses the people. At this time, it needs to be popularized by the conscientious black master batch manufacturers and users:

Conventional black masterbatch, due to many factors such as formulation and production process, is generally the pigment carbon black content is already higher when it reaches 40%. When conventional black masterbatch is used in plastic granulation, it seems a bit out of place! There are two reasons: 1. In the case of plastic granulation, the recycled plastics are generally recycled and used for granulation and dyeing. At this time, all kinds of recycled materials in the recycled materials are needed, and more carbon black is needed to cover them. Combine them into a stable black color. 2. The plastic modified granulation dyeing conditions have certain requirements on the physical properties of plastics, such as impact, stretching, twists, flame retardant and other parameters, so the amount of black species can not be too much. In combination with the above, the black masterbatch that is more suitable for the plastic granulation industry should be characterized by high coloring power, high hiding power, and high concentration (high concentration, high content).

Xinyang master batch is a professional high-density black masterbatch manufacturer, using ultra-conventional formula combined with a powerful shearing machine to develop and produce high concentrated black masterbatch with 50-70% carbon  black content. To seven varieties, especially for plastic granulation, can be added to PE, PP, PVC, ABS, PA, PC, PBT, PPO, PPS, and even LCP, PEI, PES, PEEK and other high-temperature engineering materials, compatibility is wide, No filling (non-calcium powder), easy to use, the amount is as low as 0.5-1%, does not change the physical properties, cost-effective.

The price of high-concentration and high-concentration black master batch depends on the content of carbon black and the variety and environmental protection, 7-30 yuan/kg.


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