Professional Carbon Black Masterbatch

Professional Carbon Black Masterbatch

professional carbon black masterbatch is the masterbatch used for coloring black masterbatch

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Product Details

I. Product introduction:

  The  PP black masterbatch developed by our company is based on high-quality  PP as carrier, high-quality carbon black, dispersant and lubricant  processed by advanced technology. The carbon black content  of this product is as high as 50%, it is a kind of ideal black film with  high carbon black content, strong coloring power, non-toxic and  odorless, excellent dispersion performance, good heat resistance, good  compatibility with the base material, and excellent UV shielding. Black masterbatch. The  film produced with it has good blackness, good dispersion performance  and smooth surface, and is superior to imported black masterbatch of  similar products.

II, technical indicators:

1. Appearance: 3*3mm spherical, smooth surface.

2. Carbon black content: 50%

2. Melt Index MI(g/10min) 50

3. Moisture content (volatile)% < 0.15

4. Heat resistance: ≥4

5, migration resistance: ≥5

6. Coloring intensity: 101%

Third, the use of methods: According to a certain ratio of mixing can be.

Fourth, the reference ratio: 4% -8%, the user can also according to the product color requirements of their own deployment.

Packing: 25kg/bag Paper-plastic composite bag
Storage and transportation: store and transport non-dangerous goods, store in ventilated and dry warehouses


Professional Carbon Black Masterbatch


Professional Carbon Black Masterbatch


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