Trash Bags Black Masterbatch

Trash Bags Black Masterbatch

Black masterbatch is divided into a few types,advanced black masterbatch, ordinary black masterbatch, advanced blown film black masterbatch, ordinary blown film black masterbatch, spinning black masterbatch, low-grade black masterbatch, special black masterbatch, general black masterbatch

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For the common black masterbatch on the market, it can be divided into the following types. Here are the divided types and some simple introductions:

  1, Advanced black masterbatch for injection: It can be used in black  cosmetic plastic packaging boxes, plastic toys, electrical enclosures  and other advanced products.

  2, Ordinary black masterbatch for injection: for general black daily plastic products, industrial plastic containers.

  3, Advanced blown film black masterbatch: used for blow molding  coloring of ultra-thin products, such as black plastic bags, black  plastic film.

  4, Ordinary blown film black masterbatch: used for general black plastic packaging bags, woven bags of blow molding.

  5, Spinning black masterbatch: used for black textile fiber spinning  coloring, color masterbatch pigment particles, high concentration,  strong tinting strength, heat resistance, light resistance.

  6, Low-grade black masterbatch: used in black manufacturing for  low-grade products that do not require high color quality, such as trash  cans, low-grade containers.

  7, Special black masterbatch: It is a masterbatch made of the same plastic  as the carrier according to the plastic type specified by the user for  the product. For example, PP color masterbatch and ABS color masterbatch respectively use PP and ABS as carriers. Universal color master batch: A resin is also used as a carrier, but it  can be applied to coloring of other resins than its carrier resin.

  8, General black masterbatch: universal color masterbatch is relatively  simple and convenient, but more shortcomings, it is recommended that  users choose a special color masterbatch.



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