Color Pigment Masterbatch For Blowing Film

Color Pigment Masterbatch For Blowing Film

5-7days after confirming the order Shenzhen/Qingdao/Tianjin/Shanghai/Guangzhou Paper plastic composite bag, N.M. 25kg/bag. Please store in the dry place.

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Product Details

Company profile

Including the management team, research team, production staff, we have total 100 employees. Our workshop and office area is 1000m2. In addition, five masterbatch production lines were built to produce PE, PP, PVC, PS, PC, EVA and ABS masterbatch, the annual capacity is 65000 tons. Our masterbatches are all manufactured according to the RoHS standard.
Color Pigment Masterbatch For Blowing Film

Product description

The color masterbatch has the advantage of improving the pigment dispersion, increasing the coloring power and gloss of the pigment, and enhancing and toughening the product, and can significantly improve the process stability and physical properties of the product. Color masterbatch is uniform, with bright color, strong coloring, good dispersion, stable performance, good weather resistance, stable quality, best-selling home and abroad. The color masterbatch reinforces the resin component or base material in which the fiber or other reinforcing material is dispersed.

Color-pigment-masterbatch-for-blowing-film specifications

Color masterbatch test data sheet


3*3mm round granule bright and smooth surface



Granule diameter


Application  ratio


Carbon black  concentration


Carbon black  content


Carbon black  content


Carbon type




Chromatic  aberration ΔE


Coloring  Strength


Content of  carbon black






Heat endurance


Color-pigment-masterbatch-for-blowing-film advantage

High brightness

High covering
Strong shading
Strong tinting power
Uniform dispersion
Good solubility
Strong tinting strength
Non-toxic and environment-friendly
Certified by RoHS & SGS& ISO9001

Color-pigment-masterbatch-for-blowing-film applications

Packaging film,crafts, packaging bottles,electronic accessories, plastic toys,gas supply pipe, drinking supply pipe,liner cast film, poncho stretch film,wire drawing, flat wire products,plastic cup, dish, box packaging,etc.
Color Pigment Masterbatch For Blowing Film

Packaging & Shipping

Color Pigment Masterbatch For Blowing Film

Why choose us?

Our color mastebatches are of high concentration pigment with bright color, so that we can always cater for the increasing demands of the global market.
A broad standard color range available from the stock as well as tailor made products develop according to customer requirement.
We like to develop a long term business relationship with you.
Our packing bags can be used again and again 10 times to basically be scrapped, and our can be used repeatedly 20 times.
Our masterbatch uses environmental protection technology, save the environmental protection expense.
We own high productivity and fast delivery.
We have leading level R & D department.
We have strong production capacity, high speed delivery.
We provide good quality product with competitive price.
We have experienced marketing manager.
We promise that pay back all loss for our customer if any mistake made by our side.
We will make the shipment within 7 days after confirming the payment.


What does the buyer first do to choose masterbatch?
Confirm the carrier. And confirm the color.
What kind of carrier should the buyer choose ?
The carrier of masterbatch must be the same with the material.
Could the buyers order their needed color of masterbatch?
Yes, you can give a sample to us. We will make the same sample to you to confirm the color.
Does the buyer have other ways to get the needed color?
Yes, you can just inform us the general international color number (eg. Pantone). We will produce the sample according to the color number.
What’s the normal proportion?
The normal proportion is 2% - 4%. But it is not fixed. It depends on the buyer's requirement.
How does the buyer use the masterbatch?
Mix the material and the masterbatch together by the blender mixer according to the appending proportion. If no blender mixer, it can be manual mixed.
Customers offer to us the sample of color sheet as the required color. We make our own samples according to customer's sample sent to us.


Color Pigment Masterbatch For Blowing Film


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Qingyun Xinyang New Materials Co., Ltd
South 600 meters of Zhengjia Village,  Changjia Town, Qingyun County, Dezhou, Shandong, P.R.China
Tel: (86)531 88995327
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