Nano Silver Plastic Masterbatch

Color: Silver Carrier: PE, PP...... Certification: Rohs Appearance: Pellet Application: Film blowing, injection molding, blowing molding, pipe, sheets, wire drawing Packing: 25kg/bag

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Nano Silver Plastic Masterbatch Product Introduction

Nano silver plastic masterbatch takes nano silver inorganic antibacterial powder as active component, selects high-quality PE/EVA material as the carrier, using advanced distributed technology and manufacturing process of efficient dedicated masterbatch, antibacterial function is the most special advantage of nano silver plastic masterbatch. 

In general, the content of antibacterial powder is 20%, and customization can be accepted. The test data provs that it has good antibacterial and bactericidal effect. It has the advantages of safe, non-toxic, antibacterial effect, etc., It has excellent modification effect on resin base material, and it does not affect the mechanical properties of products.


Nano Silver Plastic Masterbatch Product Parameters:





Toner content


Ratio  of dosage




Light fastness(level):


Chromatic Aberration:


Color intensity:


Liquid water:




Melting point:




Eco Friendly


Nano Silver Plastic Masterbatch Product Applications:

Currently, nano silver plastic masterbatch is widely used in the fields of health care, life supplies, building materials and chemical materials, such as below:

Household appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, TV sets, cameras, etc.

Chemical building materials: plastic pipe, toilet facilities, bath tub, toilet, public facilities, plastic floor, etc.

Electronic products: telephone, fax machine, mobile phone, computer, mouse, etc.

Medical health: hospital facilities, medical devices, disposable gloves, etc.

Daily necessities: razor, calculator, toy, stationery, furniture, bucket, water cup, etc.

Auto industry: door handle, dashboard, steering wheel, omnibus, etc.

Packing industry: beverage bottle, drinking water barrel, packing film, etc.


Nano Silver Plastic Masterbatch Effect:

1. Appearance: uniform size, good plasticization, uniform color, no obvious impurity.

2. Rapid killing of e.coli, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus and mould can reach more than 99%.

3. The effect is durable: the antibacterial life is in sync with the product life.

4. Economic benefits: the product is efficient, the addition quantity is small, the effect is obvious.

5. Good heat stability, high temperature resistance, not easy to change color.

6. Good compatibility and dispersion.

7. It does not change the original processing technology of plastic, nor change the original function of the product. 

8. Non-toxic: the active ingredient has been certified by SGS, CDC and other authorities.

Nano Silver Plastic Masterbatch Product Advantage:

High covering

Strong shading

Uniform dispersion

Good solubility

No colored patch

No colored zone

Nano Silver Plastic MasterbatchTest Equipment


Our Company

Qingyun Xinyang New Materials Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest masterbatch manufacturers in China, annual output has reached 64,000 tons for black, white, color, desiccant and filler masterbatch, passed SGS, ROHS, FDA testing. The masterbatches have been exported to USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, India, Vietam and more than 100 countries.


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