Plastic Filler Color Pp Masterbatch

Plastic Filler Color Pp Masterbatch

Color masterbatch is a colorant for polymer materials, also known as Pigment Preparation. It consists of three basic elements: pigments or dyes, carriers and additives.

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plastic filler color pp masterbatch

Color masterbatch

Color masterbatch is a colorant for polymer materials, also known as Pigment Preparation. It consists of three basic elements: pigments or dyes, carriers and additives. It is an aggregate obtained by uniformly loading an excess amount of pigments or dyes into a resin. It can be also called a pigment concentration. The coloring power is higher than the pigment itself. Simply speaking, a masterbatch is an aggregate made by uniformly loading an ultra-constant amount of pigment or dye into a resin.

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The color masterbatch mainly includes:

Black masterbatch, white masterbatch, color masterbatch, functional masterbatch, insulating masterbatch, apple white masterbatch, food grade masterbatch, halogen-free masterbatch, high-temperature masterbatch, green masterbatch, red masterbatch, blue masterbatch, purple masterbatch, Orange Masterbatch, Yellow Masterbatch, Gray Masterbatch, Fluorescent Masterbatch, Universal Masterbatch, Conductive Masterbatch, Nylon Masterbatch, Light Diffusion Masterbatch, Environmental Masterbatch, High Gloss Masterbatch, Milky Masterbatch, ABS Color Masterbatch, PP color masterbatch, PMMA masterbatch, PA masterbatch, GPPS masterbatch, HIPS masterbatch, AS masterbatch, PP masterbatch, PE masterbatch, PU masterbatch, PVC masterbatch and so on.

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The basic composition of color masterbatch:

1. Pigments or dyes Pigments are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments .
Commonly used organic pigments are: phthalocyanine red, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, red, macromolecule red, macromolecular yellow, permanent yellow, permanent purple Common inorganic pigments: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, titanium dioxide, carbon black, red iron oxide, iron oxide yellow, etc.
2. The carrier is the matrix of the masterbatch. The special masterbatch generally chooses the same resin with the product resin as the carrier, and the compatibility between the two is best, but at the same time, the fluidity of the carrier should also be considered.
3. The dispersant promotes the pigment to disperse evenly and no longer condense. The dispersant's melting point should be lower than that of the resin. It has good compatibility with the resin and has a good affinity with the pigment. The most commonly used dispersants are: polyethylene low molecular waxes, stearates.
The advantages of masterbatch
1. Masterbatch has better dispersibility, versatility and simplicity in plastic products.
2. Masterbatch is more resistant to high temperatures in plastic products and will not remain in the machine screw.
3, color masterbatch is conducive to machine cleaning and color change, saving machine cost, reduce waste.
4, the masterbatch can do a deeper color, more solid color opaque products, but also add functional additives inside.
5. It is simple to use, and the color difference will not be caused by human factors in the process of operation to ensure the stability of the color of plastic products.
6. Keeping the environment clean and free from contamination is a better choice for cleanrooms and is more conducive to the health of operators.
7, color masterbatch's shelf life is longer, easy to store




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