Absorb Water Masterbatch For Plastic

Absorb Water Masterbatch For Plastic

absorb water masterbatch for plastic is a masterbatch that can absorb the moisture in recycled plastics.

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Product Details

Usage: The defoamer masterbatch is suitable for thermoplastic polyolefins, such as; PP, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, EVA, PVC, PA, ABS, PBT, PET, PC, biodegradable plastics, recycled plastics, wood-plastic composites material, PE high concentration filler and so on. Such as: film, tableware, plates, sheets, pipes, profiles, extrusion, injection molding, calendaring and so on.


 In particular, the defoamer masterbatch is not a caustic calcium component such as calcium oxide. It is non-corrosive, does not migrate, and does not precipitate, and can keep the surface of the product clean and lubricated for a long time. This product has obvious reinforcing effect on rubber products, and has good auxiliary stability performance for PVC. Our defoamer masterbatch is suitable for manufacturing cutting-edge products.


 Efficient defoamer masterbatch is suitable for all kinds of enterprises that use PE, PP recycled plastics for product production.

Mechanism: The trace amount of water contained in raw materials has a very serious impact on the production of plastic products. Therefore, companies generally increase the use of drying equipment to dry plastics, resulting in a waste of energy and manpower and an increase in the number of products, cost. The defoamer masterbatch can be added to raw materials without any changes to the production process of the product, eliminating all defects such as blisters, moiré, cracks, and spots caused by moisture, and not adversely affecting the physical and mechanical properties of the product. Impact, save time, save electricity, increase production efficiency, and reduce costs.

The masterbatch is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and harmless to the human body.

Second, use

The masterbatch can be directly mixed with the damp plastic material, and the product can be processed and produced.

For blow molding production, the addition ratio is 1.0 to 3.0%

For sheet and injection molding, the addition ratio is 2.5%

Specific addition ratios, users can decide according to plastic moisture conditions.

Third, the scope of application

Widely used in film products, bag products, sheet products and injection molding products.

Mix it directly with plastic particles. Usually add 1-3-5%.

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1. The vacuum packaging breakage effect cannot be used during transport storage.

2, The best effect The vacuum bag is opened within three hours after production.

3, Be sure to clean up the remaining defoaming of the front cylinder.

4, the amount should not be added, please appropriate. (Please adjust according to the humidity of raw materials


V. Precautions

(1) Avoid moisture absorption before use

(2) When ingredients are used, the best results

(3) Must not be heated and dried together with damp plastic to avoid product quality defects

(4) Before opening the package, check whether the package is intact and seal the unfilled masterbatch as soon as possible.

Six, storage conditions

Store in a clean, ventilated, dry, cool and clean place.

Do not allow damage to the masterbatch packaging and exposure to preserve, avoid sun exposure, rain.

Seven, product packaging

The outer packaging is made of plastic woven bags and the inner packaging is made of plastic bags.

The net weight of each bag is 25 kg. The inner packaging is divided into 5 small bags and vacuum packaging. The net weight of each bag is 5 kg.


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