Absorbing Moisture Masterbatch

Absorbing Moisture Masterbatch

Absorbing Moisture Masterbatch is a masterbatch used to absorb moisture in the plastics.

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The  defoamer masterbatch directly mixes the masterbatch with the  moisture-contaminated plastic tanning material and can be processed and  produced. The defoamer masterbatch is widely used in molded products, bag products, sheet products and injection molded products.

There  are many methods to solve the problem of masterbatch dispersion, and  the use performance of defoamer masterbatch, such as the selection of  equipment with better plasticization performance, improvement of  masterbatch molding process, selection of better dispersion aids, and  increase of dispersant aids and carrier content, etc. Among them, an economical and practical method is to choose better and more suitable dispersing aids. Under  the same equipment and process conditions, theoretically speaking, the  better the quality of dispersion aids, the higher the grade, the greater  the proportion of addition, the better the masterbatch dispersion is,  but the cost is not necessarily optimized and the economy is the right way. Dispersing auxiliaries with superior dispersion properties, such as  composite dispersants and other cost-effective masterbatch dispersion  aids, not only solve the problem of masterbatch dispersion, but also do  not increase the cost of masterbatch and products.
Many  peers who make masterbatch attributed the above defects to insufficient  powder fineness or too little resin carrier. In fact, the root cause  was poor masterbatch dispersibility. For example, if the masterbatch of  1250 mesh fineness was added to the same product, it would be dispersed.  It is not  good, its appearance quality and other mechanical properties are far  better than adding finely dispersed 600 mesh fineness masterbatch. As  long as the powder in the masterbatch is sufficiently dispersed and  uniform, the content of the resin carrier in the masterbatch can be  reduced, and the proportion of the masterbatch in the product can also  be increased, thereby effectively reducing the cost of the masterbatch  and the product.

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Absorbing Moisture Masterbatch


Absorbing Moisture Masterbatch


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