Additive Absorbent Masterbatch

Additive Absorbent Masterbatch

additive absorbent masterbatch is a masterbatch for absorbing moisture in recycled plastics.

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The selection of powder in moisture absorption and defoaming masterbatch

Plastic raw materials contain a small amount of water that is adsorbed on or inside the material. At  the material processing temperature (greater than 100°C), these waters  are released to form water vapor, which is entrapped in the plastic  melt. After the melt leaves the mold, the water vapor expands and  volatilizes, forming pinholes on the surface and inside of the material.  Holes, bubbles, and light affect the appearance of the product, and those that affect the continuity of production. If  a material is selected, the moisture or moisture can be converted into a  firm adsorption or completely converted into another form so that the  blister can be eliminated. Alkali metal oxides or alkaline earth oxides absorb water and  convert it into alkali. This eliminates free water and generates no  bubbles.

Calcium  oxide is calcined from high-quality calcium carbonate ore, which has  high water absorption and is inexpensive, and can be used as a powder  for moisture absorption masterbatch. Choosing  calcium oxide produced in Yulin, Guangxi, the material is of high  purity and has a calcium oxide content of not less than 96% (mass  fraction). Uniform fineness, white amorphous powder.

It  was found in the experiment that the particle size of the calcium oxide  powder is too small and the particles will agglomerate, affecting the  dispersibility of the moisture absorbent and affecting the appearance of  the product. This will increase the coupling processing workload. If  the treatment is not good, the filter will be blocked in the production  process, resulting in the production of broken membranes. If  the particle size is too large, the appearance of the product will be  affected, and the feel will be rough. It will also affect the defoaming  effect of water absorption. Therefore, the average particle size of the powder is preferably 10-15 μm.

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Additive Absorbent Masterbatch


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