Addictive Masterbatch For Mulch Film

Addictive Masterbatch For Mulch Film

Filler Content: Na2SO4,BaSO4 Carrier: PE, PP...... Certification: Rohs Appearance: Pellet Application: Film blowing, injection molding, blowing molding, pipe, sheets, wire drawing

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Qingyun Xinyang New Materials Co., Ltd as a manufacturer and supplier of masterbatch is located in Shandong Province, China. The main products include color masterbatch, defoaming masterbatch and filler masterbatch.

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Addictive masterbatch for mulch film description

Masterbatch is composed of carrier resin, filler and various additives. During the molding process, the proportion of the masterbatch and the matrix resin must be adjusted according to the content of the relevant components in the masterbatch and the amount of the actual product to be added. Masterbatch can be generally divided into ordinary filling masterbatch (referred to as filling masterbatch) and functional masterbatch, such as masterbatch, anti-droplet masterbatch and so on. The main components of the filled masterbatch are fillers, which are mainly used for the processing of polyolefins (polyethylene and polypropylene), also known as polyolefin-filled masterbatches.

Addictive masterbatch for mulch film specifications


70% baso4   filler





BaSO4 Powder   size

2500 mesh   BaSO4 Powder

BaSO4 Content




Moisture   Content


Addition Rate






Addictive masterbatch for mulch film advantage

Good dispersing & heat resistance
High concentration pigment with bright colors
High brightness
Uniform dispersion
High tinting strength
Good heat-resistance
With wide application
High concentration pigment
Good dyeing property
Insoluble in water, non-toxic, insoluble in water
Soluble in hot and concentrated strong acid and alkali
Chemically extremely stable

Addictive masterbatch for mulch film applications

Shopping bags, black and white film, stretch film, casting film, dry composite film,industrial fluid pipelines, agricultural irrigation pipes and pipe fitting.

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Packaging & Shipping

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Why choose us?

We can provide a large number of mechanical operation images to ensure the quality of production.
We have advanced production technology, constant innovation.
We promise that our product has passed through rigorous test, the quality can be guaranteed and reliable.
We have modern production and testing equipment.
We have high quality raw material, advanced facilities, fine procedures.
We apply differentiated pricing policy over time.
We have accurate demand forecast.
We are manufacturer and we have our own factory.
We can offer you a competitive price and high quality than other suppliers.
We can make the special goods under your requirements
We can do for you with a very competitive price and surely with good quality.


What’s the normal proportion?
The normal proportion is 2% - 4%. But it is not fixed. It depends on the buyer's requirement.
How does the buyer use the masterbatch?
Mix the material and the masterbatch together by the blender mixer according to the appending proportion. If no blender mixer, it can be manual mixed.
How to meet my final products’ need to be protected from sunshine?
If your final products are used outdoor, we can add anti-UV agent in the masterbatch to make it more high light or color fastness.
How to meet my final products’ need to be more white and get rid of bad smell?
If your final products are made of recycled plastics, we can add whiten agent or special fragrance agent in the masterbatch to make it more white and get rid of bad smell.
Why do you use masterbatch with virgin plastic carrier?
Since masterbatch is high pigment concentration material, so we need high quality virgin polymer carrier to make this compound, to ensure the excellent property and performance.


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