Filler Master Batch

Filler Master Batch

filler master batch is a masterbatch for filling plastics

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Filler  masterbatch containing a large concentration of fillers and additives,  the use of a certain amount of matrix resin must be added after mixing  and processing, the filler mainly play a filling role. Fillers  and auxiliaries can give special functions to plastic products, such  as: light, electricity, flame retardant, degradation, etc., and are  called functional filled masterbatches. Functional masterbatch usually includes masterbatch, light conversion  masterbatch, high-efficiency insulation film masterbatch, anti-droplet  masterbatch, and degradable masterbatch.
Masterbatch is a special kind of granular material that colors plastic products. It can be divided into polyolefins, ABSs, PSs, and ASs based on the plastic coloring. Color  masterbatch production process is usually divided into two steps: the  first step is to prepare the pigment pre-dispersion, that is, the  pigment surface treatment with a dispersant or other additives; the  second step is to mix the pigment pre-dispersion with the carrier resin. The masterbatch was prepared after the pellet was melted. The color masterbatch is composed of a pigment, a dispersant, a carrier resin and an appropriate amount of an auxiliary agent. The  main role of the dispersant is to fully disperse the pigment, evenly  dispersed in the carrier resin and the matrix resin, and finally obtain a  uniform color plastic product. The  carrier resin used for color masterbatch should first have good  compatibility with the pigmented resin, and secondly the fluidity of the  carrier resin should be greater than the pigmented resin so that the  pigment can be better dispersed. The  composition of color masterbatch, the choice and amount of pigment  depends on the nature of the plastic to be pigmented, and the content of  pigment in the masterbatches commonly used for polyolefin plastics is  20% to 40% (mass fraction).


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