Plastic Filler Na2so4 Transparent Masterbatch

Plastic Filler Na2so4 Transparent Masterbatch

sodium-sulfate-filler-masterbatch is a masterbatch for reducing cost.

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Product Details

Sodium-sulfate-filler-masterbatch description

The  product is based on the latest modern plastic modification theory, with  a brand-new design concept, using a variety of new materials and  scientific compounding, adopting special particulate interface  processing technology, and pioneering the development of PP, PE  transparent, reinforced, toughened, high added amount special filler masterbatch. Compared  with general fillers, the use of this product, after the second  stretch, the haze of the thread significantly reduced, and no obvious  difference after the second stretch of pure PP, PE materials, made blown  film, injection molding, extrusion products Transparent, bright, and the main indicators of tensile strength,  toughness and other good, thus breaking habits of understanding that as long as filler added,  the product is not transparent , not only to  maintain the high-end image of the product, but also significantly  reduce the cost of raw materials products.

Product technology and features:

1, reduce the overall cost, high transparency, good dispersion;
2, increase the product surface brightness, non-corrosive, does not damage the screw, die head.
3, to improve the mechanical properties, including horizontal and  vertical tensile force, nano-fineness, no precipitation after addition,  no crystal;
4. Compared with traditional plastics, the price is lower and the cost performance is higher.


1. The product is added in an amount of 10% to 40%. The finished  product is transparent and has good tensile strength, toughness and  gloss.
2, the product can be directly mixed with PP, PE raw materials  according to a certain proportion of the material can be fed into  production, without changing the original process.
Product application areas:
This product is mainly used for blown film (agricultural film, plastic  film, packaging bags, etc.), injection molding, extrusion and so on.


Packaging and storage

Inner  plastic outer knitting, net weight 25kg, according to non-toxic and  non-dangerous goods storage and transportation, do not touch damp.





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