Plastic Film Masterbatch

Plastic Film Masterbatch

plastic film masterbatch is a masterbatch used for films.

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Product Details

First, product characteristics:

      1. It has excellent compatibility with plastics and is evenly  dispersed in the product; even if a large amount of filling is added, a  product with a good surface finish can be obtained;

      2, this product is pure white pellets, can be flexibly formulated to produce a variety of color products;

      3, the use of coupling agent treatment, in the case of a large  amount of filling, so that the product still maintains good mechanical  properties;

      4, process adaptability, with excellent processing performance,  the original processing equipment and production processes can be used  for production;

      5, can maintain the original basic mechanical properties of the  product, while the impact strength, dimensional stability and other  indicators have improved;

      6, this product is odorless, non-toxic, harmless;

      7. The use of this masterbatch can reduce production costs, save  petroleum resources, and free from dust pollution, and meet  environmental protection requirements.

      Second, the scope of application

      Applicable  to agricultural film, vest bag, liner film, garbage bags, plastic  tablecloths and other film products and cosmetics, shampoo, caps,  barrels, cans and other hollow blow molding products can play a filling  role, reduce costs, enhance the mechanical properties.


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Polyethylene Filler Masterbatch


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