Polyethylene Caco3 Filler Masterbatch

Polyethylene Caco3 Filler Masterbatch

Our masterbatch is self-produced and sold, the price is cheap, the quality is guaranteed, the plasticization is stable, and transportation is convenient and quick.

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Most  people have misunderstandings about filling masterbatch. I often come  into contact with such customers. Once I heard that the main ingredient  of the filled masterbatch is calcium carbonate, I would immediately say:  Stone powder, ah, this must not be used.  I also summed up the reasons why some customers responded  this way. It may be that the customer's understanding of the quality of  the filled masterbatch stays on one or two thousand grades, or has been  tried before. It may be due to improper application and the quality of  the product. Seriously, for such customers, sometimes there is no way to sell  them again. I know that my fillers are suitable for customers' products,  but the customer refuses to experiment, and in my heart, refuses to use them.

    Many  people will find that how can stone powder, non-metallic minerals,  etc., be added to plastics. Will this not affect product quality? In  recent years, calcium carbonate has been widely used in the plastics  filling industry because of its excellent characteristics and low price.  The color of  calcium carbonate itself is whiter than other inorganic mineral powder  materials, and the stability is better and the plasticization is better.  Here I introduce the characteristics of calcium carbonate:

(1) Reduce the cost of products, increase production efficiency, and obtain good economic benefits.
(2) Strengthen the rigidity of the product and increase the weight of the product.
(3) Reduce the shrinkage of products and the deformation due to shrinkage.
(4) Good dispersibility: excellent compatibility with polypropylene  and polyethylene, so even if a large amount of filler is added, a good  appearance with a good surface finish can be obtained.
(5) High whiteness: This product is pure white pellets, can be flexibly formulated to produce a variety of color products.
(6) Treatment with a coupling agent: In the case of a large amount of  filling, the product still maintains good mechanical properties.
(7) Wide process adaptability: customers can use the original processing equipment and production process for production.
(8) Contains antioxidants and anti-aging agents that extend the life of the product.

   Our masterbatch is self-produced  and sold, the price is cheap, the quality is guaranteed, the  plasticization is stable, and transportation is convenient and quick. Main  types of plastic filled masterbatch (filler masterbatch): Injection  filling masterbatch, blow-moulding masterbatch, transparent filling  masterbatch, non-woven filling masterbatch, hollow filling masterbatch,  pull-tube filling masterbatch, drawing filling Masterbatch,  PPR pipe filling masterbatch, blown film filling masterbatch, blown  film dedicated transparent filling masterbatch, blown film dedicated  opaque filling masterbatch, blown PE masterbatch, injection PP  masterbatch, and defoamers. Suitable for adding to various plastic products, it is the first choice to reduce the cost of plastics.

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