Polyethylene Masterbatch

Polyethylene Masterbatch

polyethylene masterbatch is a Pe based filler masterbatch.

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Product Details

PP, PE filled masterbatch is a plastic masterbatch made by compounding plastic resin with superfine calcium carbonate powder. Inorganic powder has high whiteness and good plasticization performance. This product has good compatibility with polypropylene and can be filled into plastics to enhance, increase, and reduce costs.

Filler Masterbatch Features

PP,  PE filled masterbatch is white pellets, density (g/cm3) ≤ 1.6, melt  index (g/10min) 3.0-8.0, applicable range, suitable for PP, PE sheet,  pipe, injection molding, disposable tableware tray, etc. Products.

Filler Masterbatch Features

1. PP, PE filled masterbatch, non-toxic, tasteless, pure white particles, less dust

2. The PP, PE filled masterbatch has good dispersity, the melt flow rate  index matches, the compatibility is good, and the filling ratio can  reach more than 50%.

3. Increase the toughness, hardness, rigidity and surface gloss of the pipe, excellent coloring performance

4. PP,  PE filled masterbatch can be used to process PP pipe, PE pipe, wire  bushing, water supply pipe, sewage pipe, vent pipe, underground pipe,  corrugated pipe and other pipe products, which greatly reduces the  production cost and improves the economic efficiency of the company. And market competitiveness

technology intentional use method

PP, PE filled masterbatch is generally added to the resin in a proportion of 10% to 30%, and can be mixed evenly.

Product packaging and storage

PP,  PE filling masterbatch packaging using moisture-proof paper-plastic  composite packaging, plastic bags inside, net weight 25 kg. Store in a clean, ventilated, dry place away from sun exposure.


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