Professional Caco3 Filler Masterbatch

Professional Caco3 Filler Masterbatch

We produce caco3 filler masterbatch, color masterbatch and desiccant masterbatch.

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Product Details

First, the characteristics:
(1) Reduce product costs, increase productivity, get good economic benefits.
(2) Enhancing the rigidity of the product and increasing the weight of the product.
(3) Reduce the shrinkage of the product and the deformation caused by shrinkage.
(4) Good dispersibility: excellent compatibility with polypropylene and  polyethylene, so even if a large filling amount is added, an appearance  with good appearance and smoothness can be obtained.
(5) High whiteness: This product is pure white pellets, which can be flexibly formulated to produce various color products.
(6)  Treatment with a coupling agent: The article still maintains good  mechanical properties in the case of a large filling amount.
(7) Wide process adaptability: Customers can use the original processing equipment and production process to produce.
(8) Contains antioxidants and anti-aging agents to extend the life of the product.

Parameter of caco3 filler masterbatch

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