Talc Transparent Masterbatch

Talc Transparent Masterbatch

The talc masterbatch uses high-grade talcum powder as raw material.

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Product Details

Talc masterbatch is also known as talc masterbatch or talc filler masterbatch. It  has advantages of high whiteness, high fineness and easy dispersion,  easy to use, narrow particle size distribution, good suspension, soft  hue, large amount of added, preventing static electricity, improving  plastic performance, no dust pollution, and can obviously increase the  strength of plastic products and reduce costs.
It  adopts talcum powder raw materials that meet international  environmental standards and has obtained green product certification.


Cutlery,  sheets, pallets, automotive parts, microwave disposable lunch boxes,  bumpers and all types of injection molded heat-resistant appliances. Suitable for all kinds of processing equipment. PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, ABS, etc.


Technical indicators

Silica content: 60
Magnesium oxide content: 30
Whiteness ≥:93

Product characteristics

The  talc masterbatch uses high-grade talcum powder as raw material, and the  special surface modification by ultramicro treatment can make the  masterbatch have good plasticity, can improve the surface rigidity of  the PP product, and can greatly increase the heat resistance temperature  of the PP product. Improve rigidity, stiffness, heat-resistant temperature and atomization. Non-toxic, non-irritating eco-friendly materials with good plasticization.


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