Transparent Plastic Filler Masterbatch

Na2SO4,BaSO4 Content: Customized Carrier: PE, PP...... Certification: Rohs Appearance: Pellet Application: Film blowing, injection molding, blowing molding, pipe, sheets, wire drawing

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Transparent Plastic Filler MasterbatchProduct Introduction

Transparent Plastic Filler Masterbatch compound LLDPE carrier resin and new type multi-functional micro powder, produced by special processing techniques. Use EB8300H in the LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE blow film application, it will not affect film's transparent property. In addition, will improve machine's extrusion efficiency obviously.

by added to plastic products production, including blown, cast, and extrude process, it can decrease your cost and increase the whiteness of the products as well. Our BaSO4, Na2SO4 filler master batch is pure white granular, avirulent,flavourless, healthy and environmental friendly.


Transparent Plastic Filler Masterbatch Parameters


Method of

Filler BaSO4, Na2SO4 content

ASTM D 5630

Melt  Mass-Flow  Rate

ASTM D 1238

Melt Temperature



ASTM D1895

Water Content

ASTM D 644

Transparent Plastic Filler Masterbatch Applications

1.Wire drawing: Fiber, Carpet, Textiles, Upholstery, etc.

2.Injection Molding: House wares, Electronic, Construction, Furniture, Toys, etc.

3.Blow Molding: Casting film, Shopping bags, bottle, etc.

4.Extrusion Molding: Sheet, Pipe, Wire,etc.


Transparent Plastic Filler Masterbatch Product Advantage

Lower the cost, improve transparency and increase the tensile force

Improve the dimensional stability of plastic products

No network blocking, no dust; resistance to migration, aging; 

Customized production accepted.

Transparent Plastic Filler Masterbatch Test Equipment


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