2018 22nd Philippine International Plastics And Rubber Raw Materials Industry Exhibition
- Aug 13, 2018 -

2018 22nd Philippine International Plastics and Rubber Raw Materials Industry Exhibition

Exhibition time: October 11-13, 2018
Venue: SMX Convention Center Philippines (Manila City)
Holding period: one year

Exhibition range:
1) Plastics, packaging machinery, materials and accessories, plastic bag manufacturing, blow molding machine, compressor mixing, coating, extrusion, film blowing, grinding, heating, injection molding, marking, mold making, plywood loading, resin and Resin processing, scrap processing;
2) Accelerators, auxiliary equipment, crushers and mixers, dryers, temperature controllers and freezers;
3) Labeling, packing, sealing, conveyor, unloader, packaging, dosage control, edge, thermal foam, vacuum and air loading, etc., sealing bag machine, barcode system, mixer, bottling control system, can making machine , chemicals, cleaning systems, coating machines, blowing, conveyor belts, corrugated boxes, cutters and plotters, dryers, e-commerce, extruders, categorization and packaging, leak testing machines, bag blowing machines, food processing machinery , grinding machines, crushers, automatic machines, heating machines, packaging machines and materials, stackers, plasticizers, plasticizers, weighing machines, plastics and rubber compounds, recycling equipment, resins and unsaturated polyester treatment Machinery, sealing machine, tableware shrink packaging machine, thermoforming machine, thermoforming machine, vacuum forming machine, warehouse system, weighing instrument.

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