2018 China (guangzhou) International Plastic Rubber Industry Exhibition
- Jun 13, 2018 -

2018 China (guangzhou) international plastic rubber industry exhibition

Time: 2018/8/6---2018/8/8

Organizing the exhibition hall: Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Industry: Chemical Rubber
Exhibition City: Guangdong | Guangzhou
Organizer: Xinhua News Agency Network TV Station
Exhibition area: 80000 square meters
Number of sessions held: 9 sessions
Holding period: one year

Exhibitor scope:
3D Technology, Auxiliary Equipment, Blow Molding Machines, Chemicals and Raw Materials, Excipients, Additives, Pigments and Masterbatches, Composites and Special Materials, Extruder and Extrusion Lines, Film Technology, Integrated Automation Equipment, Injection Molding Machines, Decoration and Decorating Materials Applications, printing and marking machinery and equipment, foam, reaction or reinforcement resin machinery, pre-processing, recycling machinery and equipment, measurement, control and test equipment, molds, other processing, post-processing machinery, parts, presses, welding Machines, semi-finished products, etc.


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