2018 Japan Rubber And Plastics Exhibition N-PLAS
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Exhibition scope:
Exhibits range New generation of cars, FPD (flat panel display), solar cells, the latest medical equipment, a new generation of containers and bottles, support (test, measurement)
Rubber and plastic parts:
Raw materials and auxiliary materials, mold machinery, mold machinery and related accessories, control equipment, related abrasive aids
Secondary manufacturing machines, test and strategy instruments, plastic molds, mold related equipment, finished and semi-finished products, recycling and waste treatment
Related equipment, plant equipment, manufacturing and others.

Exhibition time: September 26-28, 2018
Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Japan
Organizer: Japan Plastics Industry Technology Research Association
Industry: Chemicals, rubber, plastics, materials, cutting-edge technology, new materials,
Composition, R&D (Research and Development)

Exhibition introduction:
 N-PLAS 2018 is a brand new plastics exhibition organized by Japan's Plastics Technology Research Association. The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 54,00 square meters, with more than 200 exhibitors and around 20,000 visitors. PLASTIC is a key industry for establishing new business relationships, developing new markets, and finding new technologies. With the increasing demand for plastics in various industries in Japan in recent years, such as auto, medical, food, etc., the potential of the plastics industry is coming. The bigger the industry, the more attention it pays to the development of this market. And a completely new professional plastics exhibition like N-PLAS is to directly connect the merchants and users to meet the needs of everyone. N-PLAS will broaden your business channels and increase your business opportunities in Japan. In addition, the technical education conference held in the same period has also added a beautiful landscape to the exhibition, which will attract more professional or non-professional visitors.
The exhibition consists of 7 themes and solves 7 problems and needs for customers. A variety of materials, technologies and machinery will bring new business opportunities to exhibitors at the show.
+ contains the following seven topics:
- MALSEC lightweight and high-strength technology exhibition
- HEAT-TEC Heat and Heat Release Technology Exhibition
- JOINTEC Next. Joint Technology Exhibition
- CARBONext Carbon Fiber Industry Exhibition
- N-PLEX Rubber & Plastics Materials & Technology
- SOFMEC (Soft Materials Technology Exhibition and Conference)
- COAT-TEC (Coating Technology Exhibition and Conference)

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