2018 Third China Linyi International Plastics Industry Expo
- May 21, 2018 -

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Exhibition introduction:
★ "2018 Third China Linyi International Plastics Industry Expo" has more than 200 well-known enterprises from home and abroad to join.

★ The booming Chinese plastics industry has become the world's growth pole for plastics. Linyi has a unique advantage. It is a large-scale, large-usage and concentrated distribution area in China's plastic trade zone.

Range of exhibition:
★ Rubber and plastic machinery: injection molding machine, hollow molding machine, extruder, blown film machine, casting equipment, knitting machine, rubber machine, mixing equipment, rolling equipment, etc.;
★ Auxiliary machine: plastic auxiliary machinery, manipulator, plastic and rubber recycling equipment, testing equipment, post-processing equipment, instruments and meters;
★ mold: all kinds of plastic supporting processing molds, tire molds, spare parts, etc.;
★ Raw materials: raw and auxiliary materials of plastics and rubbers, auxiliaries and semi-finished products, inks, masterbatch and adhesives.
Packaging equipment: various gravure printing presses, flexographic printing presses, trademark printing presses, offset printing presses, rotary printing and various film machines, laminating machines, bag making machines, slitting machines, casting machines, screen printing machines , labeling machines, vacuum coating equipment, cutting machines, plate-making equipment and supporting ancillary equipment, environmental purification equipment, solvent recovery equipment, various testing equipment, spraying equipment and related mechanical equipment.
★ Flexible packaging products: biodegradable bags, vacuum compression bags, food coil packaging, food plastic bags, garment bags, courier bags, shopping bags, hygiene products bags, steel wire bags and other plastic flexible packaging, blister packaging, injection molding packaging, environmental protection paper packaging , Non-woven packaging, metal packaging, etc. are widely used in medicine, clothing, chemicals, electronics, various areas of product packaging.
★ Corrugated packaging: Cardboard processing equipment and spare parts, carton processing equipment and spare parts, honeycomb, pulp molding equipment, carton processing various types of industrial paper, cardboard, carton processing related consumables.
★ Plastic products: plastic pipe, plastic film, plastic daily necessities, etc.

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