Analysis Of Technical Level And Trend Of Masterbatch Industry
- Jan 16, 2018 -

The masterbatch belongs to the composite coloring material of polymer, it is the pigment as the main raw material, synthetic resin as the carrier and supplemented by a certain amount of auxiliaries for physical blending, melting and mixing, its core technology lies in the coloring formula of Masterbatch and its production process.

The coloring formula has the most direct influence on the color masterbatch, and the color effect and performance of the Masterbatch are greatly different, which will affect the product performance in the Downstream application field. Masterbatch Enterprises need to have fast, accurate color matching ability, but also proficient in polymer synthesis technology. Because of the current domestic color masterbatch industry, national technical standards and industry standards are still not sound, the various production enterprises mainly implement their own enterprise standards, resulting in different enterprises produce similar products in the performance of a large difference. At present, the technical level of masterbatch industry in the country is generally lagging behind the international leading enterprises, but as domestic enterprises continue to strengthen their own research and development capabilities, the overall technical level of domestic enterprises has been gradually improved, some leading enterprises even in some products on the technical level has reached the world leader.

In the production process, the main production process of masterbatch is dry process and wet process, the new process has melting shear process. The advantage of dry process is that the process is simple, easy to operate, but the disadvantage is that the pigment dispersion in the masterbatch is relatively low, dust pollution in the workshop, and the advantages of wet process dispersion good, high quality stability, but the process is long, long time, serious water pollution, these two processes in the future development will gradually be eliminated. Combined with the advantages of dry process and wet process, the melt shearing method has the advantages of process integration, good dispersion, little pollution and low energy consumption, which adopts new advanced equipment and is equipped with high-quality process control talents to improve the intelligence of production process. At present, the international large-scale Masterbatch enterprises have adopted the process integration of automatic continuous sealing production system with advanced melt shearing process, not only to ensure accurate control of the production process, but also to avoid the production process of the seal of pollution, from the details of the improvement of product quality. Some of the domestic masterbatch manufacturers have begun to use the melting shear process, but because of their own technical input and experience, the understanding of the new process is more superficial, in the details of the operation of precision, proficiency and so on is extremely inadequate, can not really play the advanced efficiency of new technology, only a few large masterbatch production enterprises with greater research and development investment , can better grasp the new technology points, so that product quality, performance and so on to reach the international advanced level.

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