BaSO4 Filler Masterbatch
- Mar 08, 2018 -

BaSO4 filler masterbatch (aliases: barite) : is a polydilute polymer (PEorPP) as the carrier, through the surface treatment of the activation of high concentration, the high whitening of the ultra-micro barium sulfate after processing.

The main function

It can be used for ball shoes and other products. It can enhance the weight and tactility. It can be used in plastic acoustic enclosure.With incomparable thermal stability and excellent dispersibility, the production cost is significantly reduced.

The main features

BaSO4 filler masterbatch is used as titanium dioxide and pigment in the plastic to reduce the amount of pigment added and can save about 10.Applying the BaSO4 filler masterbatch (about 25 %) to the PP, the barium granule of jialin can make the PP surface similar to ABS, without affecting the existing properties of PP, providing high gloss and high hardness surface.

The main purpose

BaSO4 filler masterbatch reach the weight of 80 fill rate, applied to a drain, speakers, sound can effectively isolate noise, noise, used in the curtain can increase the weight used in home appliances shell can provide high gloss, good color, good scratch resistance, dimension stability, etc.

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