Color Masterbatch Industry Standard Not Uniform Downstream Enterprises Headache
- Jan 16, 2018 -

According to the reports, color masterbatch industry has not yet reached the binding national standard, different manufacturers differentiates, which let many downstream enterprises feel very headache.

Masterbatch manufacturers specializing in the production recently are very annoying. Because the downstream enterprises of a plastic products customers need sign a joint and several books. If you do not sign, the customer will give up their cooperation. And they just don't dare to sign. When the reporter is curious to inquire about the whole story, only to know that there is not only the worry about this business, but about the entire color masterbatch industry. The crue of the problem is that over the past 30 years, the industry's upstream raw material supply has not reached a national standard.

Some manufacturers are depressed to tell the reporter, coffee pots, toasters and other plastic products that made by his domestic customers, are mainly exported to EU countries. As a result of the recent years, the plastic products contained in the EU regulations are banned chemical substances and appeared the recall incident, and the frequency is more and more high, so the customer proposed and signed a joint-liability book. If it is found that the color masterbatch containing prohibited substances, then he will bear the relevant responsibility. " But the problem is that some of the harmful chemicals are not produced in the process of masterbatch production, but in the upstream raw pigments!"

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