Dallas International Composites Exhibition CAMX
- Aug 18, 2018 -

Dallas International Composites Exhibition CAMX

Development time: 2018.10.15 ~ 10.18

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber aerospace
Holding period: one year
Hosting address: United States - Orlando - Orlando National Convention Center Orange County Convention Center
Organizer: American Composites Manufacturers Association
Exhibition area: 8300 square meters
Merchant traffic: 15,000 people exhibits: 600

Range of exhibition:

FRP/composite industrial raw materials and production equipment: various properties of resin, fiber raw silk, roving, fabric, mat, various fiber sizing agents, surface treatment agents, cross-linking agents, mold release agents and other additives, Filling and various colorants, premixes, prepregs, and production techniques and equipment for the above raw materials
FRP/composite production technology and equipment: hand lay-up, spray, winding, molding, injection, pultrusion, RTM, LFT and other new molding technology and equipment; honeycomb, foaming, sandwich technology and process equipment, composite machinery Processing equipment, forming mold design and processing technology, etc.
Products and application examples: FRP/composite materials are used in anti-corrosion engineering, construction engineering, automotive and other vehicles, boats, aerospace, aviation, defense, machinery, electronics, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, sports equipment, daily life and other new products, New design and application
FRP/composite quality and control: product quality inspection technology and equipment, production automation control and software, quality monitoring technology, non-destructive testing technology and instruments, etc.
Metal-based and ceramic-based composite products and technologies:
Glass fiber: glass fiber / basalt fiber products, glass fiber raw materials, glass fiber chemical raw materials, glass fiber machinery, glass fiber special equipment, glass steel products, glass fiber reinforced cement products, glass fiber reinforced gypsum products; glass fiber cloth, glass fiber felt , glass fiber tube, glass fiber belt, glass fiber rope, glass fiber cotton and glass fiber production and processing machinery and equipment, special equipment, etc.

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