Development Process Of Color Masterbatch
- Jan 16, 2018 -

Color Masterbatch is for coloring new product, it is the pigment which can be evenly loaded in the resin and the preparation of the polymer complex. Color Masterbatch is mainly composed of coloring agent, carrier, dispersing agent.

According to relevant information, in the Asian region of other countries, the annual demand for color masterbatch growth rate is about 7%-9%, but our country's annual demand for color masterbatch growth rate is 20% or so. It is expected that China will become the fastest growing demand for color masterbatch market. Especially color and filler masterbatch, our country relys on imports. China has become the largest producer and consumer of color masterbatch market in Asia. Our country has 330 production color masterbatch Enterprises, in which 300 plastic-grade masterbatch factories and 30 fiber-grade masterbatch factories, these masterbatch production plants are mainly distributed in Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Liaoning, Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei and other provinces and cities.The number of enterprises whose color masterbatch annual production capacity of more than 1000 tons has reached nearly 50. In China, the national color masterbatch production capacity is 300,000 tons in 2001, the demand for color masterbatch is less than 120,000 tons. Excessive production capacity, resulting in the domestic color masterbatch industry generally underemployment, in addition to new production equipment growth rate is too fast, the product orders are not enough, and other factors: one of the important factors is the domestic color masterbatch product structure is single, variety is not complete, general-purpose products accounted for a large proportion, and high concentration multi-functional color masterbatch and fine denier fiber color masterbatch accounted for a small proportion. Color masterbatch is high level of the country,  a variety of pigments, dispersants and other raw materials have formed specialized product structure. In the development of varieties, our color masterbatch manufacturers have developed a fiber masterbatch, film masterbatch, wire and cable masterbatch, polyolefin masterbatch, PVC masterbatch, injection molding products with color masterbatch. Experts believe that the future color masterbatch will be towards multi-functional, high color content and high-tech content direction, the color masterbatch will develop with the improvement of production technology.

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