Film Blowing Machine Design Features
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Film blowing machine design features

The film blowing machine is mainly composed of an extruder, a machine head, a die, a cooling device, a foam stabilization frame, a herringbone plate, a traction roller, a winding device and the like.



The extruder is mainly composed of a screw, a barrel, a hopper, a reducer and a drive motor; through a belt drive reducer, the reducer drives the screw to rotate in the barrel; the screw adopts a special structure, that is, a special section of the screw is equipped with a special The mixing device relies on the surrounding plastic to hold the centering. The direction of the screw shaft is supported by the 7310 or 7614 bearing installed between the reducer and the screw. The feeding port of the barrel is designed according to the characteristics of the raw materials, which facilitates smooth entry. It is sent away between the screw grooves to ensure the conveying capacity and stabilize the extrusion quality.

Machine head

The machine head consists of three parts: filter net, filter plate and head gland. In order to adapt to the production of plastic raw materials containing more impurities, the unit adopts a right-angled head structure with a large filter area, considering high pressure, low pressure and mixing. The material and the recycled material have a large functional viscosity, and the flow channel design of the material is rationally selected, and the filter motor is extruded by the driving motor of the extruder, so that it can be adapted to a separate screen changing operation.


The die adopts advanced spiral die structure. According to the special characteristics of high pressure, low pressure, mixed material and recycled polyethylene material, the main techniques such as spiral angle, back slope angle, fixed angle length and die opening degree are designed. The parameters are selected and selected through multiple comparison tests, which have the advantages of large internal pressure, uniform extrusion stability, good film strength performance, no matching of the seam line and the extruder of the unit, and exchange of high and low pressure polyethylene and mixing. When the proportion of materials and recycled materials is blown film production, the die can be replaced; the various die can be prepared according to the needs of the user, and the replacement operation can be completed by one person, which is simple, safe, convenient and quick.

Cooling device

It consists of a cooling air ring, a blower, etc. The cooling air ring is an externally cooled adjustable air ring, which can adjust the opening degree of the inlet tuyere, is convenient to operate, and is beneficial to the control of film thickness and uniformity.

Stabilized bubble rack

The unit adopts the fixed ring and the fixed rod adjustable structure foaming frame, the adjustment range is large, the operation adjustment is convenient, the bubble tube is stable, and the condition for the winding tube flat is created.

Traction auxiliary machine

The traction auxiliary machine is composed of main components such as traction frame, herringbone plate, traction roller, take-up mechanism and traction motor. The traction motor of this unit adopts electromagnetic slip motor, which drives two pairs of traction rollers through the deceleration part, and drives the coiling at the same time. machine. The herringbone plate is fixed on the fixing frame under the traction roller, and the adjustment of the angle of the angle can be adjusted freely according to the blowing thin specification. The two pairs of traction rollers are composed of a rubber roller and a steel roller, which can effectively prevent gas from escaping and ensure the coil material. Smoothly carried out, the traction frame adopts the assembled structure, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and is conducive to transportation loading and unloading. The take-up device adopts an effective center take-up mechanism, the tension is constant, the device drives the friction plate by the sprocket, the large gear is driven by the friction piece, and then the take-up shaft is driven, thereby ensuring that the winding diameter is increased from small to large, and the friction force thereof is ensured. The size can be controlled by adjusting the amount of spring force.

Air compression

The compressed air and the storage tank outputted by the air compressor enter the center hole of the spiral core rod of the die through the outlet valve of the storage tank, and the pressure adjustment is carried out in front of the die. The gas volume and air pressure are adjusted according to the size requirements of the product, and the gas passes through the center hole of the core rod. Entering the center of the bubble tube, the film is extruded into a shape of a bubble tube.

Electrical control

The electrical control is equipped with an organic group operation cabinet. The main power button is connected to the main power supply to open the motor switch. The button and the switch can be used to control the electric heating of the body and the three-way and the die. The key parts are thermocouple automatic temperature measurement and automatic temperature controller. In the normal production process, the temperature can be automatically controlled to ensure the stable production process. reliable.

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