High Temperature Masterbatch Knowledge
- Jun 05, 2018 -
  1. what is the high temperature masterbatch?

        High-temperature masterbatch, also known as color, high-temperature color masterbatch (ColorMasterBatch) is a new special colorant for polymer materials, also known as pigment preparation (PigmentPreparation). It consists of three basic elements: pigments or dyes, carriers, and additives. It is an aggregate obtained by uniformly loading an excess amount of a pigment or dye into a resin. It can be called a pigment concentration (Pigment Concentration). The coloring power is higher than the pigment itself. Simply put, a masterbatch is an aggregate made by uniformly loading an ultra-constant amount of a pigment or dye into a resin. Similar to the resin particles, it is more convenient and accurate in metering. When mixing, it will not adhere to the container, and the mixture with the resin is also more uniform. Therefore, the stability of the added amount can be ensured, thereby ensuring the stability of the color of the product.

  2. Protect the health of operators:

    Pigments are generally powdery, and are easy to fly when added and mixed. Inhalation by the human body will affect the health of operators.

  3.  Keep the environment clean and uncontaminated

  4. The process is simple, easy to change color, save time and raw materials:

    High-temperature masterbatch due to direct contact with air in the process of storage and use of pigments, so moisture absorption, oxidation, clumping and other phenomena occur, direct use will appear on the surface of plastic products, color points, dark hue, the color is easy to fade, And when mixing, it causes dust and affects the health of operators. The masterbatch has undergone mechanical processing in the production process. The pigment has been refined, and the pigment and resin carrier and dispersant have been fully mixed to isolate the pigment from air and moisture, thereby enhancing the weather resistance of the pigment and improving the The dispersibility and coloring power of the pigment, bright hue. Since the color masterbatch and the resin particles are similar in shape, they are more convenient and accurate in metering, and do not adhere to the container when mixed, thereby saving the time for cleaning the container and the machine and the raw materials used for the cleaning.


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