How To Modify Plastic Into Flame Retardant Plastic?
- Jul 02, 2018 -

How To Modify Plastic Into Flame Retardant Plastic?

The current ideal method for the flame retardant modification of plastics is to improve the fireproof performance of plastics by adding products such as plastic flame retardant or flame retardant masterbatch.

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Flame retardant masterbatch, also known as flame retardant masterbatch, fire masterbatch. It is a class of products created to meet the fire protection requirements of plastics and rubber products.

    1. High flame-retardant efficiency: The organic combination and synergistic effect of various flame-retardant components make the flame-retardant masterbatch's flame-retardant efficiency much higher than that of the flame-retardant (the same flame-retardant standard is reached, and the amount added in the plastic is low With flame retardants, the cost has also been reduced).

    2, easy to use: plastic flame retardant masterbatch are mostly flake or strips tablet size particles, just in line with the average size of plastic particles, improve their mutual compatibility, making it easier to disperse and add sanitation and reduce volatilization waste.

    3, good compatibility with the resin: Under normal circumstances environmental protection flame retardant masterbatch (all have been specially treated to improve its compatibility with the plastic resin, making it even if the amount of resin added is not easy to produce Layering, blooming, patterns and other issues.

    4, reduce costs, increase product added value: often through the addition of flame-retardant masterbatch so that the general plastic with or close to the application requirements of engineering plastics, improve the added value of the product and reduce the cost of raw materials.

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