How To Use Filler Masterbatch?
- May 16, 2018 -


The plastic-filled masterbatch is mostly calcium carbonate or talc plus a little PE, because it is inconvenient to directly use calcium carbonate and other powders, and it is convenient to use as a masterbatch for filling. It can be conveniently added in extrusion and injection molding, but it is usually filled with mothers. After the material is added, the mechanical properties of the material will be reduced.

The use of plastic filled masterbatch is very simple and requires only mixing with the raw materials and production. Although it seems that the use of plastic masterbatch is so simple, there are not many friends who can really use it properly. Then what are the other things we need to pay attention to in the process of using masterbatches?

  • Avoid moisture, moisture filled masterbatch will lead to plastic products appear bubbles, patterns, etc., so before use should ensure that the filling of the masterbatch should be sealed bag mouth, stored in a dry place

  • The quantity of each added masterbatch is different. The quality of the products produced by the users is different. There is also a difference in the proportion of the added masterbatch.

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