- Sep 07, 2018 -

Development time: 2011.06.19 ~ 06.22
Exhibition industry: plastic rubber
Holding period: one year
Address: Thailand - Bangkok - Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center Bangkok International Trade &
Organizer: Reed Exhibitions
Exhibition area: 30,000 square meters
Merchant traffic: 15952 number of exhibitors: 500...

Range of exhibition
Plastic machinery: injection molding and extruder, plastic manufacturing machinery, plastic steel door and window machinery and equipment, accessories, tools, blow molding machines, plastic filling machinery and equipment, and quality testing equipment, etc.
Molds: plastic and rubber molds and models for the food industry, construction industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, transportation industry and household; co-processing, mold machine tools, mold standard parts, mold materials, mold tools, Molding equipment, etc.
Materials: raw materials, new degradable materials, coatings, colorants, improvers, plastic additives and adjuvants, plastic synthetic materials, various types of vehicles and semi-finished products, aluminum foil materials, medical materials and fishing gear materials; FRP raw materials, FRP related Equipment; various plastic products, plastic film, rubber and plastic products
Rubber machinery: rubber extruder, rubber mixer, rubber (granulator, cutting machine, vulcanization tank, laminating machine, molding machine, setting machine, joint machine, vulcanizing machine, desulfurizer, bag making machine, calendering Machine, etc.)

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