- Aug 10, 2018 -


Show time
In March 2019,
Excellent exhibition professional exhibition
Venue: asia-south korea-seoul
Exhibition indust
ry: plastic rubber

Exhibition period: biennial

Exhibition scale: 20000-50000

First exhibition venue: 1971

Exhibition hall: COEX convention center, Seoul, South Korea

Exhibits range:
1. Mold: production equipment for various types of plastic supporting processing molds, tire molds, spare parts, etc.;
2. Rubber and plastic machinery: injection molding machine, hollow molding machine, extruder, film blowing machine, flow delay equipment, weaving machine, rubber machine, mixing equipment, rolling equipment, etc.;
3. Auxiliary machines: plastic auxiliary machinery, mechanical arm, plastic rubber recovery equipment, testing equipment, post-processing equipment, instruments and meters;
4. Raw materials: raw materials of plastic rubber, auxiliary materials, auxiliary materials and semi-finished products, ink, particles, adhesives, etc.;
5. Packaging printing equipment: plastic packaging equipment, plastic printing equipment, soft packaging processing equipment, etc.

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