Lahore International Plastics, Printing And Packaging Industry Exhibition, Pakistan
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Lahore International Plastics, Printing and Packaging Industry Exhibition, Pakistan


Exhibition time:August 2 - 4, 2018

Venue: Asia - Pakistan - Lahore

Exhibition industry: plastic rubber

Market analysis:

Pakistan is the second largest plastic packaging market in South Asia. According to statistics, Pakistan’s plastics import volume in 2009 was 984 million US dollars. In 2010, it exceeded 1.2 billion US dollars, of which plastic packaging machinery imports reached 200 million US dollars, China, the United States, Sweden. Countries such as Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea, and Spain have become suppliers of major plastic machinery industries in Pakistan. In recent years, Pakistan has seen significant growth in the plastics, packaging, printing and related industries. The plastics industry is also booming at an average annual growth rate of 15%. The total production capacity is estimated to be 62,420 million tons per year. There are more than 6,000 companies producing plastics, and each year, plastic products per capita consume 2.2 kilograms. And almost all of the machinery used to make all kinds of plastics, packaging and printing products comes from imports.

Range of exhibition 

Plastic machines: plastic bag manufacturing, mixing, coating, extrusion, film blowing, grinding, heating, injection molding, marking, mold making, plywood loading, resin and resin processing, scrap processing accessories / auxiliary equipment: accelerators, auxiliary equipment, Chemicals and compounds, colorimeter and photometer, conveyor belt, crusher and mixer, dryer, temperature controller and freezer, test and measurement services: institutions/associations, trade publications, consulting services

Packaging machines: labeling, packing, sealing, conveyors, unloaders, packaging, dose control, trimming, thermal foaming, vacuum and air packaging and packaging processes: wood, glass, cardboard, paper packaging, lamination, multilayer , metal, plastic, natural fiber, sealing accessories: ring, label, tape, wire, rope, cover, protection angle, mesh, stickers, litter.

Printing machine: Printing equipment: offset printing machine, plate making equipment, die cutting machine, printing machine, trademark printing machine. Prepress equipment: desktop production system, advertising creative production system, software, scanners, etc. Post-press equipment: paper cutter, binding machine, laminating machine, folding machine, veneer, creasing machine, bronzing machine. Special printing equipment: embossing machine, gravure printing machine, screen printing machine, business card printing machine. Printing material accessories equipment: printing, composite rubber roller, ink, plate, photographic film, digital printing technology and equipment, screen printing technology and equipment.

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