Malaysia Withdraws AP Ban On Plastic Waste
- Aug 19, 2018 -

Malaysia withdraws "AP ban on plastic waste"

Malaysian media report on August 16 Malaysian Minister of Housing and Local Government Zulida said that the ban on plastic waste (HS Code 3915) import license (AP) will be revoked immediately!

Why is the AP ban only released for the FTZ?

FTZ is Malaysia's free trade zone. The enterprises inside are local waste plastics companies that the Malaysian government pays more attention to. Most of them are powerful international factories and are "natural".

In principle, the Malaysian government requires that waste plastics companies first digest domestic waste plastics, and if they are not enough, they are allowed to import from abroad.

The AP ban of enterprises in the FTZ will be revoked separately. It is also considered that the area of the free trade zone is not large, and a large amount of waste plastics are piled up. If it is not handled in time, there will be safety hazards such as fires, and if this causes damage to the enterprise, it will affect the domestic waste plastics. The normal operation of the company, the Malaysian government is also not good to account.

Are there any possibilities for the import of waste plastics to be open?

According to industry insiders, the local waste plastics industry is a rule that all approved companies must respect.

Recently, the Malaysian government has asked companies to submit reports on the status, machinery and engineering reports of the factory. After the complete report is submitted to the Malay government, the government will re-inspect and approve the site one by one. If there is no problem, the approval will be returned to the enterprise.

However, the Malaysian government will exercise total control over the import of waste plastics. For example, the previous month can have a quota of 5,000 tons, and now there are at most 3,000 to 4,000.

According to the current situation, enterprises with problems will certainly rectify and rectify, and sooner or later they will not be able to be eliminated. Malaysian industry players are also optimistic and positive about this, and believe that there is hope to open to legitimate waste plastics companies!

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