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Fill masterbatches that do not affect or rarely affect plastic light transmission are called transparent masterbatches. Transparent masterbatch is a kind of functional masterbatch which is made of polyethylene resin and transparent filler as the main raw material through extrusion granulation. Add a certain proportion of the masterbatch to film products, sheet products, injection products and other products. , The appearance and physical properties of the product are basically not affected, but also play a role in reducing costs. Specific definition: The masterbatch made of mineral powder as the main raw material, which can make the plastic maintain good light transmittance, is called transparent masterbatch. It should be noted that since the transparent masterbatch is composed of mineral powder and resin, the transparent masterbatch cannot increase the light transmittance of the plastic due to the problem of the refractive index of the mineral powder. It only reduces or does not affect the plastic as much as possible. Transparency. Performance characteristics Transparent filling masterbatch Compared with ordinary filling masterbatch, the biggest feature of transparent filling masterbatch is that it is added to PP and PE, and it has little influence on the transparency of PP and PE, and transparent filling masterbatch can also be widely used. In the field of films, sheets, tubes, containers, etc. Used in the PE film, the proper amount can improve the transparency of the HDPE film, and has little effect on the transparency of the LDPE film. At the same time, it has a very good surface finish and balanced mechanical properties. These are unmatched by the existing ordinary filling masterbatch. It can be predicted that the emergence of this filled masterbatch will have a greater impact on the plastic filling and its downstream application areas. Application areas Widely used in the processing of plastic products such as film products, bag products, sheet products, and injection molding products. The main components Polyethylene resin, transparent filler, transparent agent, brightener and so on. Technical Specifications 1. Appearance: Good plasticization, original white color, no odor, no impurities, granular materials with certain rules.

2. Physical and chemical indicators: Density (g/cm) 1.7±0.05 Volatile matter (%) ≤ 4 Melt flow rate (g/10min) 15.0~25.0 Instructions for use 1. For high and low pressure blown film, adding 20% basically does not affect Transparency does not affect film tension. Second, for the greenhouse film, in the case of the basic does not affect the transparency, can play the role of insulation at night, can block some of the harmful light. Third, used in PP injection molding, pipe, drawing, can play a very good toughening, Enhanced effect. In the processing of plastic products such as blown film, sheet processing, and injection molding products, the added amount of this product is 5% to 25%, depending on the degree of transparency required to maintain the original product's mechanical strength. Storage conditions Store in a ventilated, moisture-proof, clean place.

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