- Jun 27, 2018 -


Exhibition time: March 25-29, 2019 Venue: Sao Paulo Exhibition Center, Brazil

Exhibition Cycle: Two Years Organizer: InFocus International Exhibition Group

Exhibition Introduction: The 2019 Brazil International Plastics Exhibition will be held on March 25-29, 2019, every two years. It will be hosted by the world's largest exhibition group, InFocus Group (Brazil). The exhibition will once again bring together important companies related to the plastics industry in Brazil and internationally. A series of technological innovations will also be introduced at the show to publicly display equipment, equipment, molds, tools, instruments, control and automation equipment, resins, chemical products and plastic styling products related to the plastics industry. In the last (2017) exhibition, 400 companies exhibited, with an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters and 39,000 visitors. According to the statistics of the organizers, 29% of the last exhibitors came from the plastics industry, 26% from the packaging industry, and 10% from the metal processing industry. 6% from the auto parts industry, 4% from the chemical industry, 4% from the electronics industry, 3% from the pharmaceutical industry, 3% from the automotive industry, 3% from the construction industry, 2% from the food and beverage industry, 10% from In other industries. It is expected that this year's exhibitors will reach 600, the exhibition area will reach 60,000 square meters, and the professional audience will reach 45,000.




Brazil Market Profile: Geographical location and advantages: Brazil is located in the southeast of South America. It is the largest country in Latin America, the fifth largest country in the world, and the seventh largest economy in the world. It has a population of 200 million, accounting for 44.24% of the entire Latin American population; total GDP of US$1,070.4 billion; per capita GDP of US$5,731; population and GDP are ranked first in Latin America, and the top five industries in terms of output value: textile industry, machinery and equipment Industry, automotive industry, paper and fiber industry. Its borders border Venezuela and Colombia to the north, Peru and Bolivia to the west, Paraguay to the south, Argentina and Uruguay, and 80% of the land is located in the tropics. Market environment: The South American Community of Nations will be the third largest regional economic organization in the world after the North American Free Trade Zone and the European Union. It has more than 17 million square kilometers of land, 361 million people and 973 billion U.S. dollars worth of GDP. The community has carried out a number of bilateral energy agreements, road traffic cooperation projects and so on. Lower tariffs on Community countries. The promotion of trade exchanges between countries has also become a potential market that radiates all over South America. Good relations with China's trade: According to statistics, Brazil's exports to China amounted to US$26.95 billion, an increase of 36.3%, accounting for 25.0% of Brazil’s total exports, which increased by 3.1 percentage points; Brazil’s imports from China was US$122.6, an increase of 9.4%, accounting for Brazil’s total imports. 17.2% increase by 0.4%. From January to June, the trade surplus between Brazil and China was 14.69 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 71.7%. China is Pakistan's largest export destination and the second largest source of imports.
Exhibits: Plastic Products Manufacturers - Synthetic Resins - Raw Materials and Electronic Components Plastic Substrate - Chemical Products - Machinery, Equipment and Parts - Moulds - Instruments, Controls and Automation Equipment - Services and Technology Projects - Trade promotion and other services. Thermoplastics, adhesive thermosetting plastics, glues, reinforcing fibers, synthetic fibers, rubber and plastic products, semi-finished products, printing, labeling machines, printing machine welding machines, additives, dyes, plasticizers, reflectors, rubber, elastomers , coating mixture molds, tools, mechanical parts, post-processing machinery extruders, punching machines, molding machines, extruders, injection molding machines, blow molding machine measuring equipment, controllers, calibrators processing and recycling machines, waste recycling , Cycling Processing Equipment Blow Molding Machinery, Reinforced Resin Machinery, Other Plastic Processing Machinery Pre-Processed Materials, Intermediates, Auxiliary Equipment, etc. China Exhibition Organization: Shanghai Dawo De Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

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