Pro Plas, Johannesburg International Plastics And Rubber Fair, South Africa
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Pro Plas, Johannesburg International Plastics and Rubber Fair, South Africa

Development time: 2019.03.12 ~ 03.15
Exhibition industry: plastic rubber
Holding period: three years
Hosting address: South Africa - Johannesburg - Johannesburg Convention and Exhibition Center ohannesburg conference & exhibi
Organizer: Specialised Exhibitions
Exhibition area: 15,800 square meters
Merchant traffic: 15208 people
Number of exhibitors: 484

Range of exhibition
Plastic products and machinery: plastic injection molding machine, automatic filling and sealing machine, plastic dryer single, twin-screw extrusion sheet plastic packaging machine, plastic knitting machine, plastic pipe production line, plastic mold and die plastic powder feeder, foaming /Reaction or reinforced resin equipment, granulator, automatic blow molding machine, hollow board extrusion machine profile extrusion machine, injection molding
Rubber: rubber machinery equipment, rubber raw materials, elastomers, rubber additives, tires and related products, non-tire rubber products, etc.

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