Small Blown Film Machine Operation Steps
- Jun 29, 2018 -


Small blown film machine operation steps:

1, the small film blowing machine heating extruder body, head, die, control the temperature of the various indicators within the index.

2. If the vehicle is driven after a long stop, the temperature of each point needs to be maintained for 10-30 minutes after reaching the target range. If the car is driven within half an hour, it cannot be heated.

3, start a small blowing machine air compressor, storage cylinder pressure 6-8kg/cm stop and standby.

4, small blown film machine follow the film folding diameter, thickness requirements and the production capacity of the extruder to implement processing, estimate the traction speed and stable bubble diameter.

5. After the temperature of each point meets the regulations, wear labor insurance products, and start the tractor, blower, and extruder in sequence.

6. When the die of the small-sized blown film blowing machine is uniform, the gloves can be pulled slowly and slowly, and the end of the tube blank is closed. The air inlet adjusting valve is slightly opened to blow it into the center hole of the mandrel. A small amount of compressed air, and then carefully lead through the bubble holder, herringbone, and into the pull roller, roller until winding.

7. Check the film thickness and width of the small film blowing machine and adjust it to meet the requirements.


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