The Band And Road
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Six exhibitors from the “Belt and Road” countries will participate in the 123rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), including Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey, India, Thailand and Nepal. These exhibitors will showcase their latest products in areas such as construction, machinery, appliances, light industry, fabrics and home textiles, food and beverages. As the number of countries joining the “Belt and Road” initiative increases, more and more companies from these regions will participate in the Canton Fair. The 122nd Canton Fair hosted 88,574 participants from the “Belt and Road” countries, accounting for 45.08% of the exhibitors, an increase of 8.55% over the same period of last year. According to Pu Huichuan, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair, "The Canton Fair, as a window of China's open-door policy, has built an integrated trade platform to help China establish a bridge with the 'Belt and Road' countries and promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade." Many exhibitors are integrating their export strategies, actively exploring markets in countries along the 'Belt and Road' initiative, developing products targeted at various markets, and establishing R&D centers, factories and sales channels in the region.” Promoting trade between the “Belt and Road” countries Xu Bing, a spokesperson for the Canton Fair and a deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, pointed out that for companies in the “Belt and Road” countries, the Canton Fair is not only a window into the Chinese market, but also an ideal international trade platform for these enterprises to Buyers from 210 countries and regions around the world trade. U Yan Naing Tun, head of the Department of Trade of Myanmar’s Ministry of Commerce, said: “Participating in the Canton Fair can promote our thriving trade industry. The increase in the number of exhibitors at the Canton Fair has brought higher export efficiency to our market. In the meantime, more employment opportunities will be created at the same time as the development of trade.” “Belt and Road” special events for exhibitors As of now, the Canton Fair has signed cooperation agreements with 46 business organizations from 32 “Belt and Road” countries, including the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, India-China Trade Center and Egypt Trade and Investment Association (EBA). At the 122nd Canton Fair, the China-UAE Purchasing Matchmaking Area covered 53 companies from the UAE and more than 80 companies from China. It also held Fujian, Malaysia and India at the meeting last year. Exporters' trade fair. This year, exhibitors from the “Belt and Road” countries will also have the opportunity to participate in a number of special trade negotiations.

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