The China International Import Expo
- Mar 19, 2018 -

At the press conference for the First Session of the 13th National People's Congress on March 11th, Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan, Deputy Minister and Vice Chairman of International Trade Negotiations Wang Shouwen and Vice Minister Qian Keming promoted the development of a high level of business by “promoting a new pattern of opening up. "Quality Development" related questions, answering questions from Chinese and foreign reporters.

This year's government work report put forward that the first China International Import Expo should be run as a major event in China's home-grown diplomacy this year, which has caused widespread concern. Zhong Shan expressed that the holding of the China International Import Expo was based on the international financial crisis, the economic globalization was twisted, the multilateral trading system was challenged, and protectionism was on the rise. The Party Central Committee focused on promoting high-level opening to the outside world. A major decision is a major measure taken by China to actively open up markets to the world. It is a practical action to support economic globalization and trade liberalization. It reflects the determination and confidence of China in its opening up to the outside world in a new era and reflects China’s self-confidence and China’s responsibility.

Zhong Shan stated that the China International Import Expo is an international fair initiated by China, with a number of international organizations and many countries participating in the exhibition. It is not a solo performance of China but a chorus of various countries. China will provide assistance and support for participating countries and enterprises, provide convenience for the exhibition, and exempt the least developed countries from participation fees.

It is reported that the first China International Import Expo is scheduled to be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from November 5 to November 2018, including the National Image Exhibition and the Corporate Commercial Exhibition. The National Image Exhibition will mainly show the economic development and foreign cooperation of the participating countries. Situation, plans to invite 60 countries, the actual registration has far exceeded this number. The corporate commercial exhibition is mainly to display goods and services and can be traded on site. There are already more than 120 countries and regions registered companies, booking more than 20% of the booth area than expected.

In addition to trade import and export, China’s attraction of foreign investment is also the focus of this press conference.

According to data released by the Ministry of Commerce in January, China's foreign investment in 2017 reached 877.56 billion yuan, a record high. However, there are still voices in the international community, saying that China's lack of opening up, there are still more restrictions on foreign investment. In response, Zhong Shan said that China is continuously expanding its opening to the outside world, continuously relaxing market access, and attaching greater importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. According to the Bank's report, the level of ease of doing business in China has risen by 18 in the past five years. This data shows that China's business environment is not worse, but better, and China is still foreign investment. Hot soil.

To attract foreign investment, Zhong Shan pointed out that the next step will be to focus on five tasks: First, deepen the reform of the management system, improve the level of investment facilitation, and fully implement the pre-entry national treatment plus negative list management system. At the same time, speed up the basic legal and legislative process for foreign capital; second, expand market access, implement well-established opening measures by the central government, fulfill the promise of financial opening to the outside world, fully liberalize the general manufacturing industry, and expand telecommunications, medical care, education, pensions, and new energy. The opening of the automobile and other fields; the third is to build an open platform. We will upgrade the level of development of various development zones, give greater freedom of reform and autonomy to free trade pilot zones, explore the construction of free trade ports, and create new highland for reform and opening up; Fourth, we will optimize the open layout. We will intensify efforts to open up in the west, open up an open channel, promote the formation of a new open growth pole, and turn the west from an open end to an open frontier. Raise the level of opening up in the east and promote open development in the central region; Fifth, improve the investment environment. Domestic and foreign-funded enterprises are treated equally and treated equally, with greater protection of intellectual property rights, protection of the legitimate rights and interests of foreign businessmen, and a good environment for pro-business and wealthy businessmen.

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