The Development Prospect Of Color Masterbatch In Domestic Industry
- Jan 16, 2018 -

At present, color Masterbatch industry is in the direction of multi-functional, high pigment content and High-tech content development. In order to comply with the development trend, domestic pigments, dispersants, carrier resins and equipment-related enterprises, should improve the technical content of their products for masterbatch manufacturers to provide high-quality pigments, dispersants, special grade of the carrier resin and advanced production equipment, testing instruments and application software. Masterbatch manufacturers should strengthen total quality management, production of stable quality, a wide variety, full-featured Masterbatch products, in order to promote China's plastics and fiber industry to contribute to the development.

Masterbatch production is divided into several industries, such as: Plastic products industry, plastic resin manufacturers, fiber production industry, so there is no backbone. On the contrary, due to the lack of intellectual property rights protection in China, the market competition rules are not complete, resulting in the birth of black masterbatch manufacturers, uneven quality, giving people the illusion that the overall level of Chinese masterbatch is not high. Many manufacturers to participate in market competition, resulting in the price of masterbatch constantly oscillating downward, so that the investment in China's foreign companies also have to participate in the color Masterbatch price war. With the increasing competition of masterbatch industry, the Chinese Masterbatch industry is forced to enter the adjustment, it will be in accordance with the world Development rules.

Color Masterbatch industry in China can be summed up in a word: rapid development, small gap and broad prospects. The development of masterbatch in foreign countries is only a few decades of history, China's reform and opening-up so that the color masterbatch industry together with the world trend of development. China's full set of imported advanced production equipment and production technology, imports of excellent quality pigments and dispersants, can produce world-class level of masterbatch. So it can be said that the Chinese Masterbatch industry and the world level gap is not big. However, unlike the foreign masterbatch industry, the foreign masterbatch industry is monopolized by a handful of multinational corporations, while the development of Masterbatch in China is still in the transition stage of planned economy to market economic.

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