The Factors That Determine The Quality Of Black Masterbatch Are Analyzed
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The factors that determine the quality of black masterbatch are analyzed

Black masterbatch is produced using carbon black.


Here we mainly explain the factors that determine the quality of the black plastic masterbatch in terms of the following aspects:

1. Dispersion: raw carbon black is a very difficult and dirty mixture, which is full of dust, light and fluffy.
Unless large-scale treatment is adopted, it will contaminate the machine and workers and make the working environment dirty

Covering power: this factor is particularly important for masterbatches used in waste or recycled polymers, in which black is used to cover other colors in the waste.
Large particles of carbon black are less capable of coloring and cannot easily cover all the other colors in the lower layer, resulting in only off-color products.
In the melting process, the ability to correctly select the carbon black with high coloring ability to cover the existing color is called the covering force;

3. Rheology: if a chromophore itself has good dispersion, but it cannot flow into the material to be moulded, the production effect is not ideal.
Generally speaking, the base resin used to produce chromophores has high rheological properties.
In order to save cost, some color master granule production USES recycled materials, wastes or recycled materials as resin carrier.
Compatibility: if the masterbatch is produced using chips or recycled materials, it may contain contaminants or other non-melting polymers.
This can cause unpredictable and uncontrollable problems, wasting the final consumer's time and materials.

At this time, you can choose the base resin to produce high quality color masterbatches, the masterbatches have good compatibility in the melting process.
High-quality masterbatch can be produced using LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, SAN, PA and other materials.

Stability: in today's international economy, it is absolutely necessary for international customers to have high requirements on quality of color masterbatch and stability of raw materials, which is also the fifth factor that determines the quality of black masterbatch.
One of the main manifestations of stability is a steady carbon black ratio.
If the percentage of carbon black fluctuates, the number of chromomeres that need to be melted will vary, and it is impossible to produce products of the same hue.

6. Color shading: there are various types of carbon black on the market that can be used for color masterbatch, but the colors and prices are also very different.
Carbon black with large particles has lower chroma and different background color than carbon black with small particles.
Large black master grains are suitable for use in products such as waste bags, but not for aesthetically pleasing products such as TV signs or areas requiring uv protection such as agricultural film or external pipes.

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