Transparent Masterbatch
- Mar 07, 2018 -

Transparent masterbatch that does not affect or rarely affects the plastic transmittance is called the transparent masterbatch.Transparent masterbatch, transparent filling material based on polyethylene resin as the main raw material by extrusion granulation processing into a functional masterbatch, adding a certain proportion of the mother thought of film products, sheet products, plastic products, and other products, the products largely unaffected appearance, physical properties, and have the effect of cost reduction.

Characteristics of Transparent masterbatch:

1. Good dispersion, good solubility of polypropylene, and no loss of high proportion filling;

It can still obtain a good appearance finish.2. Cost reduction: more economical than direct resin material.

3. High whiteness: this product is pure white grain. It can be used flexibly to produce various color products, which can reduce the use of white pigment.

4. Contains antioxidants and anti-aging agents.

Can prolong the service life of products.

5. Low calorific value, no oil in the incineration, no black smoke, no secondary pollution, and no damage to the incinerator.

6. Improve the quality of foaming products.

7. Improved working environment and easy to measure automatically.

8. Good printing and window dressing.9

Save raw material storage space.10. Give the film products breathability.

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